Monday, October 13, 2014

Colva Fama 13.10.2014, 2015

Minin Jezu pau

Colva Fama 2015


Kissing of Infant Jesus Statue

 infant Jesus Altar

infants/Children placed on Altar – A tradition

 Colva Church

 Priest, Mass, blessing
Fr. Diogo

Exit / Church Stall

Tiatrist in the feri, Prince Jacob

Feri , Bhelpuri, grinding Stones

Kaddio boddio, Chonne  etc

Wax items, angovnn

Police control room

 Mobile toilets

 mini bridge over road

A view from the bridge

 Q ing for veneration of Infant Jesus

COLVA:  13.10.2014

More pics and videos visit here

Infant Jesus, Minin Jezu, kissing, veneration

Mian Altar
Our Lady of Mercês

Priest Mass, Altar

Double line Q for Veneration, kissing of the Miraculous Statue
Of Infant Jesus

 over bridge

the Church
Our Lady of Mercês (1635)

Wax Items, Angovnn

Feri, dos, Khajem, reuddio

Blessed Cords, Counters etc

Bhoje Kapam Sango
Rs10 for 10 boje


Inside Church, dog, puppy, pulpit

Vcds DVDs CDs

Video 1 - Photo Show
Colva Fama Infant Jesus special
Video 2  - a short tour

HD version video

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Calangute Beach 12.10.14


Calangute Veach
Video; 12.10.14  5pm

Beach approach
Calangute Residency, Dayanand Bandokar Statue, chowk etc
steps, lawns etc

Pay toilets
the Beach
Crowd, lifeguards, watch tower


Shacks in the making
Souza Lobo
Pay parking tariff chart