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Reginald Fernandes, Romanxincho Patxai

Reginald Fernandes 

Romanxi means Reginald Fernandes and that's what I thought  all this time..
It was only yesterday 14.6.17 I come to know that Reginald was also a fine professional musician and he had his own band too.  Besides,  he was also a good Lyricist, written over 80 songs some playing on All India Radio Panaji (Akashvanni Ponnje Kendr)
As for Romaxio, he had written about 200.  I too read some, example Colconda Kallo Chondrim, Ximtorintlo Khuris, Afrikantli Girestkai (?) etc Well, as I was not much into reading, I used to buy it (price was Rs.2 or 3) and give it to some young ladies in our locality who after reading, will narrate the whole story to me.

'Born in Siolim, Reginald Fernandes had written nearly 200 novels ‘romanx’ as they were then called. A reputed musician and singer, he played the violin and trumpet. Creating incredible twists and turns in his novels, Reginald left a lasting impression on his innumerable readers'
103rd Birth Anniversary of Reginald Fernandes (Romanxincho Patxai)  was observed on
14.6.17 by Dalgado  Konknni Akademi, DKA at TAG's conference Hall, Campal Goa
Alexyz, a renowned Cartoonist was the chief guest.
DKA President Tomazinho Cardozo, Secretary Vincy Quadros and treasurer Celso Fernandes,
Daniel F De Souza  were present on the dais

Live Singing by O'Luv, Sharon Mazarello, Tomazin Irene Cardozo, Dr. Francisco Colaco,
Juvenvio, Rosy Carvalho, Braz Ferns etc (using some post production editing techniques)


New CD containing 12 beautiful songs composed by Reginald Fernandes was released on the occasion.  Singer are: Olav Rodrigues, Queenie Fernandes, Tomazinho Cardozo, Irene Cardozo,
Xavier Gomes, Sharon Mazarello, Mario Menezes, Rosy Alvares, Dr. Francisco Colaco, Jessie Dias,
Rabin D'Pietro, Irene Fernandes, Sally Fernandes, Juvencio Carvalho, Rosy Carvalho, Braz Ferns
See CD cover below

Hall pack to capacity
Bond Braganza - Host

Tomazinho, Irene Cardozo - Singers

Music arranged by Mestri Babush

Dr. Francisco Colaco

Rosy Carvalho, w/o Johnson (Band)

Juvencio Carvalho
s/o Johnson Band
with Braz Ferns

Rabin s/o Bonaventure d'Pietro, wife

Alfin Fernandes of Manfa Studio

Clive D'Souza
s/o late Joel DS  who had conceptualised and initiated the project

Alister Miranda, project Coordinator

Olav Rodrigues, O'Luv - Singer

Queenie Fernandes - Singer
Jessie Dias - Singer

Sharon Mazarello - Singer

Xavier Gomes - Singer

The Chief Guest

Sally (Salvador) Fernandes
s/o Reginald Fernandes

sister in law of Reginald
Sketch work

Vincy Quadros of DKA
Celso Fernandes of DKA
William Fernandes of TAG

Video 2:  Dr. Colaco Singing

Video 3: Adeus Korchea Vellar
This popular Mando also composed by Late Reginald Fernandes (Romanxincho Patxai) in 1958. 
 Sung by Rosy 84, her son Juvencio Carvalho and Braz Ferns, they also sang in the Audio CD  released 14.6.17. Rosy is widow of Late Johnson (and his jolly boys) band. 
Rosy also a good singer and won atleast 9 first prize awards for her singing in the past.

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