Saturday, March 2, 2019

Goa Carnival 2019

Goa Carnaval 2019

 2 - 5 March  2019
Floats parades as follows:
Panaji  2nd March
Margao 3rd March
Vasco, Ponda, Curchorem 4th March - see pics/video below Sanvordem
Mapusa, Shiroda, Morjim etc 5th March

Panaji Floats pics

Over 300 Panaji floats pics, visit links below

Video: Panaji Floats Parade 2.3.19 - A selection
King Momo and his entourage, flagging off by tourism minister and others, gas balloons, brass band, Traditional floats Coconut tree products, Sao Joao, Coppersmith from Zuvem, Goan Musicians, Disability DRAG float, special Generation boys plastic bottle man, Piety boys, Do not drink and drive, Traffic Police helmet, sentinel, Formalin in fish etc

preparations Parade streets etc
Traditional Carnaval Khell  - Moll, intro

Sanvordem / Curchorem floats
Floats parade organised by Centro Social Anjo Custodio (CSAC)
 in association with Curchorem-Cacora Municipal Council (CCMC)
Video - Curchorem floats 4.3.2019

King Momo
King Momo  Savio Pereira and Queen Natasha Pereira
Minister Nilesh Cabral and Councillors

Friday, February 8, 2019

Convento do Carmo - Ruined Church 1619, Old Goa

For us, ruined Church at Old Goa  means St. Augustine (near Santa Monica).
It was only last year (2018) I heard of another ruined Church of Carmelites known as Convento de Carmo but had no idea where exactly it is located  in Old Goa.  Did make lot of queries, even googled it out but no mention of exact location or direction to the site.
This year too (Jan/Feb 2019) we saw or read many news items in the form of press notes and press conferences  but none told us the exact location as if they wanted to celebrate privately. Reference was made in TOI articles, one saying to the east of Basilica and second time saying the east/west of Se cathedral.
Even put a query on Facebook but no help.  It was only when I saw a pic posted  in FB page Memórias da India Portuguesa asked the poster to give me direction as to how to get there to which Neenad Neo promptly replied saying its behind Old Goa Petrol Pump, Road by the side of a housing colony and then climbing involved etc.  That's how I managed to get there today..
There is a tarred road now (raw) and one can go up there with car or bike or take a motor-cycle pilot from old Goa Gandhi Circle. Or simple ask to take to Old Goa Steel yard from there new road to the right taking uphill. Housing colony that was talked about earlier is ' House of Bom Jesus'

Check this Video  which will give you the direction from Old Goa- Gandhi Circle to the site


4th Century Celebration of Indian Carmel 
Carmel India 400
In view of this celebration, a facelift has been given to the ruins of the Convento do Carmo at Old Goa. Superior General of the Discalced Carmelites and other priests, Fr Saverio Cannistra, OCD,  presided over the Eucharistic celebrations at the ruins of the Carmelite Monastery (Convento do Carmo) Old Goa on Friday, February 8, at 7.30 a.m.  NT

In GT on 9.2.19

Over 150 pics here

The ruins of Convento do Carmo ( Carmelite Novitiate house) in Old Goa, the first Carmelite house in India which marks 400 years of the presence of the Carmelites in India since 1619.
Mass, priests, brothers
Superior General of Order of Discalced Carmelites Dr Saveiro Cannistra

Blessed Dionysius and Blessed Redemptus of the Cross


tombs at the Altar place 
Tombstone the remains of the Five martyrs of Persia
Tombstone of Messieurs Bebber
Tombstone of the Royal scribe

Road uphill
Near Old Goa Steel yard
Take road right at the cross junction

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Ven. Fr. Agnelo - Celebrations of 150th birth anniversary 21.1.2019

Rachol Church 1576
Our Lady of Snows

150th birth anniversary celebration for Fr. Agnelo D'Souza
Born 21.1.1869, studied and lived Rachol Seminary for more than 9 years
Collapsed in the pulpit while preaching and soon died 20.11.1927
Buried at Rachol Cemetery and His mortal remains were transferred to Pilar Monastery in 1939.
 Let us pray for beatification of Pe. Agnel

150th Birth Anniversary of Ven. Fr. Agnelo Gustavo Adolfo de Souza was celebrated at
Rachol Seminary, Cemetery and the Church on 21.1.2019
Holy Hour, blessing, Procession, Veneration of bone relic, open air Mass at Church square
attended by large number of devotees

3 videos
 1. Seminary, Pulpit, blessed sacrament
 2. Procession, Cemetery, Tomb, Relics
 3. Rachol Church, part of mass

Video 1

Video: 2

Video: 3

over 150 Pics here

Rachol Seminary Church
Where Fr. Agnelo lived more than 9 years until His death

where he collapsed while preaching and died few hours later

Cemetery, tomb, grave
Where Fr. Agnelo was buried, tomb still exists see pic


Fr. Agnelo's finger bone relic

Mass at Rachol Church square

More pics and videos
Ven. Fr. Agnelo - His Birth place (Anjuna), Rachol, Pilar etc
Visit here