Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cribs at Various places in Goa 2011

Christmas Cribs at Various places in Goa 2011

Panjim Church

at night

corte de Oiteiro, Panjim

Star of Arossim

Christmas Father riding on a bullock Cart in a lake

Monteiro Vaddo – Utorda

Mauli or Cobweb – Adao Vado Majorda

Mungul in the Lake

Arossim Falvado

Tonttem youth – Cansaulim - Castles

Mexico Boys – Costa Vaddo, Cansaulim – Amballo – with Ship of the Desert

Wise men or kings



Bacardi Boys, Cottar Wado, Cansaulim

Your of Belem, Veslao-Pale


Snow falling

A castle

Sancoale Castle

Agxi Mechanical Crib

Heaven and heaven’s gate with ‘Bap Putr andi Ispisanto’

Video 1 ( Panjim Day & Night)

Video 2 (Agassaim Mechanical)

Update: 28.12.11

Cribs from Margao, Raia etc

Star with it’s own reflection - Rachol

Santa on a bicycle - Postman

Santas’ Rock band – Agalli Margao
on the Main road leading to Gogol Bigfoot junction
Location for St. Anthony boys of Agalli crib
see map (Wikimapia) here



Crowd puller – Agalli Margao

about 100M gong Qs


Bom Jesus Basilica Replica

Same area, little further..


Another, same area wtih mechanical audio show etc

updated: 29th Dec. 2011

Reminds me of Babush

Santa on his mission (modified bike)


Arlem Margao,  Cycling Santa

Santa on an old scooter

Boys of Agalli (main road/ bypass leading to bigfoot juction Gogol)


Serenading Santas (on a truck)

traditional Goa

Se cathedral – Replica

Bom Jesus Basilica

two in one (above)

King’s castle

Star of MMC (Margao)

with Municipality building

A castle in the crib (MMC garden)

Video 3  (Margao Crib)

Video 4

Updated 3/1/2012

Santo Estêvão (Jua)

Santo Estêvão (Jua)

St. Estevam , Jua

Crib Location


Star of St. Estevam

Church Crib

 Some angels in the air

Jingle Bell in the trees

Santa Claus riding on a chariot

The Crib at 3 Roste

 At Cupa

 Video with slide show in the end - St. Estevam

updated on 6th Jan. 2012

As appeared in Herald today

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Feast of St. Francis Xavier, Tuem Goa (10.12.11)

Today,  we went to Tuem for the first time (?)

Believe me or not, I thought Tivim and Tuem is one and the same. Tuem being Konkani for Tivim, it was only few months ago, I found out Tivim and Tuem are two different villages former being in Bardez and the later (Tuem) in Pernem Taluka.

Tuem is about 16 kms from Mapusa via Dhargal.
All buses going to Dhargal (Sports City), Mandrem go via Tuem. Bus takes about 30 minutes and the fare is Rs.12

The little church is located uphill on a hillock very next to it is Don Bosco Boys School and boarding.

It takes about 10 minutes (Walking) to reach there from the main road. On the way, you first come across a small cemetery (See pic). New cemetery getting ready next tot he church (se slides)  Tuem has about 500 Catholics

Guess what? The moment I saw the school, I realised that I had been here some 5-6 years ago with someone but I did not know it was Tuem.  Infact, we even went inside the school/boarding and even had tea with the priest.  There (in the dining hall)  I spotted a ‘Gurgureth’ and I immediately took photo of it.

This one

I even saw the church from outside but honestly did not know it was Tuem Church.

For us, I guess, Tuem is more popular because of the famous tiatrist /Cantorist  Francis de Tuem hailing from the village (he now stays at Mapusa, I am told)

more on FDT (Francis de Tuem)

FTD singing video including in the end

I was hoping to see him at least in the feast procession
Sadly, I have not spotted him there anywhere but saw his nephew Conception de Tuem making trips on his bike though.

It was 10 priests concelebrated feast mass with priests from Pernem, Kerim etc
Main celebrant was Fr. Diogo.

The Church was beautifully decorated

Sadly, there was no customary ‘Pursanv’ nor ‘Festa Muzg’ at the end of the feast mass.
However, there was a ‘Festa Tiatr’  titled ‘Pirai’ by Maxcy Pereira

 Some pics below, watch video in the end

The Church

St. Francis Xavier

Main Altar

with priests

Fr. Diogo

Feast Mass

School / Boarding – Don Bosco


Tuem cemetery

Video 1

Video 2 (Photo show)

Video 3 Francis de Tuem singing