Monday, July 8, 2013

Betul Beach, Mobor Beach, River Sal etc


From Mobor side

Cavelossim / Mobor beach


River Sal Mouth

Betul Side

River Sal Mouth
Mobor beach also seen

 view from the Betul fort – Mobor beach
River Sal Mouth

 Topless coconut trees
Lightning ?

Gomti / temple on the river bank

view from Betul – Other side is Mobor

Mobor beach

Betul beach rocks

 Note on the rock - No Sex here..


 coconut trees

Meeting point
The River and the Sea

 Fishermen, canoe etc

Anglers on the rocks

 Mining belt junk also seen

 Light house tower on the Baradi hill

View from Baradi chapel

Video (Betul, Mobor, River Sal)
Captured from both side of the River

More on Betul fort, mobor beach etc

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