Monday, August 12, 2013

Vasco Saptah 2013

Vasco Saptah but where all the feri (Fair) gone?
Anyway, we enjoyed our favourite hot-hot jelibies which are prepared onsite.
Rs.200 per kg

This is after so many years, I have been to this night time event.
Still remember the chanting of Janba or nyanba Tukaram.
The deities of that time were so huge but they become lot smaller now.

Here are some pics and videos.

 Par (Deity /Tableau)





Saibaba Temple


Long Q at the Temple


Feri / Khajem

MMC Children Park – Giant wheel etc

MMC garden at night

Jelebies making etc

Video 1 - First day Midnight

Video 2 - Jelebies making

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