Friday, March 25, 2016

Good Friday at Se Cathedral, Old Goa 25.3.2016

Procession of 'Capas Magnas' (Xempeanchem Pursanv) etc

Video 1 - Xempeanchem Pursanv

Se Cathedral


Priests, Bishop  in red
Fr. Maverick Fernandes, Fr. Alfred Vaz etc

 A senior priest, a canon ?

 FR ALFRED VAZ  (below)

 Archbishop Filipe Neri


Image, crucifix of Christ
Hem Khursachem Lakudd, hacher Sounsaracho soddvonndar umkol’la

pipe organ Piano missing




Veneration, kissing


Procession, Procession of 'Capas Magnas'
Xempeanchem pursanv

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