Thursday, June 15, 2017

Reginald Fernandes, Romanxincho Patxai

Reginald Fernandes 

Romanxi means Reginald Fernandes and that's what I thought  all this time..
It was only yesterday 14.6.17 I come to know that Reginald was also a fine professional musician and he had his own band too.  Besides,  he was also a good Lyricist, written over 80 songs some playing on All India Radio Panaji (Akashvanni Ponnje Kendr)
As for Romaxio, he had written about 200.  I too read some, example Colconda Kallo Chondrim, Ximtorintlo Khuris, Afrikantli Girestkai (?) etc Well, as I was not much into reading, I used to buy it (price was Rs.2 or 3) and give it to some young ladies in our locality who after reading, will narrate the whole story to me.

'Born in Siolim, Reginald Fernandes had written nearly 200 novels ‘romanx’ as they were then called. A reputed musician and singer, he played the violin and trumpet. Creating incredible twists and turns in his novels, Reginald left a lasting impression on his innumerable readers'
103rd Birth Anniversary of Reginald Fernandes (Romanxincho Patxai)  was observed on
14.6.17 by Dalgado  Konknni Akademi, DKA at TAG's conference Hall, Campal Goa
Alexyz, a renowned Cartoonist was the chief guest.
DKA President Tomazinho Cardozo, Secretary Vincy Quadros and treasurer Celso Fernandes,
Daniel F De Souza  were present on the dais

Live Singing by O'Luv, Sharon Mazarello, Tomazin Irene Cardozo, Dr. Francisco Colaco,
Juvenvio, Rosy Carvalho, Braz Ferns etc (using some post production editing techniques)


New CD containing 12 beautiful songs composed by Reginald Fernandes was released on the occasion.  Singer are: Olav Rodrigues, Queenie Fernandes, Tomazinho Cardozo, Irene Cardozo,
Xavier Gomes, Sharon Mazarello, Mario Menezes, Rosy Alvares, Dr. Francisco Colaco, Jessie Dias,
Rabin D'Pietro, Irene Fernandes, Sally Fernandes, Juvencio Carvalho, Rosy Carvalho, Braz Ferns
See CD cover below

Hall pack to capacity
Bond Braganza - Host

Tomazinho, Irene Cardozo - Singers

Music arranged by Mestri Babush

Dr. Francisco Colaco

Rosy Carvalho, w/o Johnson (Band)

Juvencio Carvalho
s/o Johnson Band
with Braz Ferns

Rabin s/o Bonaventure d'Pietro, wife

Alfin Fernandes of Manfa Studio

Clive D'Souza
s/o late Joel DS  who had conceptualised and initiated the project

Alister Miranda, project Coordinator

Olav Rodrigues, O'Luv - Singer

Queenie Fernandes - Singer
Jessie Dias - Singer

Sharon Mazarello - Singer

Xavier Gomes - Singer

The Chief Guest

Sally (Salvador) Fernandes
s/o Reginald Fernandes

sister in law of Reginald
Sketch work

Vincy Quadros of DKA
Celso Fernandes of DKA
William Fernandes of TAG

Video 2:  Dr. Colaco Singing

Video 3: Adeus Korchea Vellar
This popular Mando also composed by Late Reginald Fernandes (Romanxincho Patxai) in 1958. 
 Sung by Rosy 84, her son Juvencio Carvalho and Braz Ferns, they also sang in the Audio CD  released 14.6.17. Rosy is widow of Late Johnson (and his jolly boys) band. 
Rosy also a good singer and won atleast 9 first prize awards for her singing in the past.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Railway Station: Vasco da Gama, Goa

Vasco da Gama,
Port town of Goa.

Named after the Portuguese Explorer Vasco Da Gama
Londa - Madgaon - Vasco was the only Railway route to Goa. Coal / diesel  Trains were running on metre gauge tracks since 1887 Portuguese time (Now broad gauge 1998).
Two trains were leaving from here to Bombay daily one was Mandovi Express.  We switched trains at Miraj junction from metre gauge to broad gauge, electric Train.
Goa now also has Konkan Railway route since 1998. 

Vasco da Gama Railway Station
Pic 2006

Pic 2013
Pic June 2017

Feb 2017
The Station has 3 platforms and about 13 trains originating from here
Howrah / Calcutta Express, Velankanni Express,  Delhi Nizamudin Express,
Chennai /Madras  Express, Patna UP Express, Yesvantpur / Bangalore Express,
Tirupati Express etc

Goods train

Ticket vending machines
self ticket, require smart card

Ticket Booking counters
Tatkal tickets
Electronic Reservation Chart

Platform 2 & 3

Goa Express train arrived

Pay toilet

AC First cum AC Two Tier

Switching or changing platforms on foot - ground level

Coach care centre
Gate / Exit

Platform Ticket Rs.10
Foot over bridge

AC waiting hall
VIP Lounge
Flyover road.. over tracks
Spitting fine  littering, urinating, defecating etc
Wet Bin, dry bin waste
Differently abled / handicapped coach

Vasco Kulem Train passenger

Linen, blankets, pillows for A/C coaches

Broken electrical switches, velankanni coach

Large heavy Luggage in General compartment

Train engine

Retiring Boarding, Room Charges

Train time table ex Margao, ex Vasco
Ex Madgaon trains

Railwire google Station

Velankani Express train
To and from Velankanni by Train
Looks like there are only two express train direct to Velankanni
One from Goa and that’s too going once a week
Train 17315 leaving Vasco (VSG) every Monday at and arriving Velankinni (VLNK) Tuesdays at 12.25 taking 27 hours, fare being Rs.
1450 2A/c Coaches
2115 3AC
540 sleeper coach
Half tickets to ladies 58 and above and Gents 60 and above (Ladies pay 50 less than gents)
300 General/Unreserved
 Via Margao, Sanvordem,  Kulem, Londa, Dharwad, Hubli, Devangere, yesvantpur/Bangalore, Salem, Erode, Tiruchchirappali, Thanjavur, Nagapattinam etc
Train 17316 Leaves Velankanni every Tuesdays at 23.45hrs are arrive Vasco 6 am on Thursdays
Which means, one has to return back same day night after about 10hours stay in Velankinni (assuming the train arrives on time) or after 8 days i.e. next Tuesday
There is no train for those people who wish to return after say 2-3 days.
Not even indirect trains from Nagapatinnam (NGT)/
Earlier, one could go by changing train at Bangalore catching Thanjavur Express? there and take bus or Rickshaw from NGT to the Shrine. There was train from Vasco to Bangalore/Yeshvantpur /YPR which arrived next day morning, we had one whole day for sight-seeing before catching the night train to NGT
No trains showing up from Bangalore/Bengaluru/YPR to NGT

Seems there is only option to make your journey back home by taking buses which is about rs.800 + 800 Velankanni- Bangalore and Bangalore – Goa with a day’s break at Bangalore.
Or take Bangalore train and from there take bus to Velankanni or vice versa
 Children 5-11 pay 265 sleeper
General coaches:
By the time the train leaves Margao, the 5-6 general coaches would be almost full mainly occupied by other passengers who are not going to Velankanni

During festival or feast time say late August to mid September, there is usually an additional train to clear up the rush.

But Goa needs bi-weekly train to Velankanni bearing in mind it also serves Karnataka and Tamil Nadu States.

Video: Velankanni Express 5.6.17

Velankani special trains (Extra trains) Aug/Sept 2017
From Vasco da Gama

Regular/Weekly Train: Every Monday  via dudsagar, Hubli, Bangalore

Special/Extra Rains: Leaves at 11.20am Sunday 27 Aug, Sunday 3rd Sept (Wed 6th Sept not yet confirmed) via Karwar, Mangalore, Coimbatore... Arrived Velankini next day  1pm

Leaves Velankini 8.15pm on Monday back ta Vasco 9.15pm next day

Tickets availability as of now 2/8/17 1pm (Extra train)
Sleeper 265 and 955 for 28thAug/3rd Sept – fare 657
3AC 10 and 103 – fare Rs.1739

Velankini Feast I think is on Sept 8
Preparations/Novena starts from 29th Aug
 update 4/8/17
3rd extra train to Velankani is now confirmed which leaves on Wed. 6 Sept. Booking started from today 4/8. available 995 sleeper and 95 3AC as of now. Also tickets for 3 Sept available plenty and it will not run out atleast for next 7 days. Tickets for 27Aug showing Wait list 39 which means confirmed ticket possible even if booked now. Strangely, return train booking on these 3 extra trains still not showing up

update 10/8/17 (train leaving 6th Sept will return back a day later i.e. 8th Sept, all other train leaves same day of arrival)
Some good news to those who want to travel to and from Velankini by train
One can go on 3rd Sept and come back on 8th Sept night 11.45pm (after 4 nights in Velankini)
One can go on 6th Sept and come back on 8th Sept night 11.45pm (after 1 night in Velankini)

Going tickets available as of now 650 on 3rd and 927 on 6th
Coming back on 8th night tickets available are 327 (finishing quickly)

Update: 16.8.17

Velankanni Special trains

Sawantwadi Road (SWV)  – Velankanni (VLNK) special train

Good news for Bardez and Tiswadi taluka  (North Goa) & Sawantwadi Pilgrims/devotees

Special Velankanni trains service is now extended to upto Sawantwadi Road which means the train will also stop at Tivim and Karmali. The 3 coaches (1 3AC, 1 Sleeper Coach & 1 SLR (Seating cum Luggage Rake) will be detached at Margao and added to Vasco – Velankani Train via Karwar/Mangalore

Which also means extra tickets quota for Margao (to and from Velankanni) if SWV quota not fully used up.

3AC capacity usually 64 and Sleeper Coach 72 pax

It may be reminded the extra 3 trains are on Sundays 27th Aug, 3rd Sept and Wed 6th Sept (Returning on Mondays 28th Aug, 4th Sept and  Friday 8th Sept respectively)

Ticket booking for SWV-VLNK special train starts tomorrow 17th Aug usually from 8 am.

Tickets Availability Status as on today 16.8.17
27Aug  Sleeper 173 WL (Wait List),   3AC 45 WL
3rd Sept Sleeper  569 Available, Fare 685, 3AC 23 Available Fare 1790
6th Sept  Sleeper 826 available, 3AC 81 available

Returning on 8th Sept from Velankani 11.45pm
Sleeper 49 RAC,  3AC 2WL

 Following may be noted:
Tickets booked under RAC (Reservation against Cancellation)  usually means confirmed tickets, usually confirmed 1-4 days before the scheduled departure

Wait listed ticket upto 100WL are also safe to buy, final status of which you will know 12 hours before schedule departure time.  People get confirmed tickets even if bought at 200WL but risk involved. 471WL tickets are also issued e.g. train on 28.8.17 to Velankani
Ticket under RAC/WL will not guarantee 2 or more travelling members in the same coach
No concession or half tickets for Senior citizens on these type of special trains
Last train will arrive Goa around midnight i.e. 9th Sept
Normally, all trains regular and special return same day of arrival into velankani except the one leaving on 6th Sept leaving next day of arrival giving pilgrims a chance of spending 1.5 days at velankanni (A night stay).
Hotels around Velankanni are fully booked up to 9th Sept (Feast day is 8th Sept)

Don’t know if Velankanni shrine accommodation available around feast days for all. (somebody pl confirm)
Those ticket showing status RAC/WL may now be available as confirmed after adding SWV quota from tomorrow.

Leaving Tivim 10.25/9.30   Karmali 11.30/10.22  on 27Aug, 3Sept / 6Sept respectively

Our vsit to Vailankanni 7th Sept 2017, click here

Did you know?

When you book rail ticket online IRCTC you get FREE accidental Insurance provided by Indian Railways

This covers you as follows:

Rs. 10 Lakhs in case of death and permanent disability

Rs. 7.5 Lakhs for partial disability

Rs. 2 Lakh for Hospitalization
Rs.10,000  for transportation of Mortal remains
This FREE insurance  scheme in operation since December 2016

About 60% book tickets online
One can book tickets on line here
One time registration required

Goa Express 12779
Vasco Nizamudin Express
Leaves every day at 15.20hrs Vasco da Gama
Arrives Delhi 2 days later at 06.20hrs (39 hours, Distance 2202 Kms)
Stops Margao, Sanvordem , Londa, Belgaum, Miraj, Sangli, Pune, Bopal, Agra etc
Ticket Fare
Rs. 760 sleeper ( 2 nights) (Tatkal 980)
Rs. 2060  3AC
Rs. 3030  2AC

Video  Train leaving Vasco Station