Wednesday, November 29, 2017

St. Francis Xavier Feast, Novena Old Goa 2017

This year 2017, the feast will be celebrated on 4th December and not the usual 3rd as during advent, no Feasts of Saints celebrated on Sundays.
In other words, no SFX feast on Sundays at Old Goa. If 3rd Dec falls on Sunday then it will be celebrated on Monday or even Saturday.
Feast day 4.12.17
With Bishop if Udupi Diocese and other

4 Bishops - Bishop of Udupi Gerald Lobo (Main Celebrant), Bishop of Sindhudurg Allwyn Baretto, Bishop of Port Blair Alex Dias and Bishop of Goa Filipe Neri Ferrao.

Also Rector of Bom Jesus Basilica Fr. Particio Fernandes, Vicar General Goa Fr. Jose Remedios Fernandes etc
Altar Boys, girls


Video 2
St. Francis Xavier Feast Old Goa
Boas Festas
Novena 29.11.17
Mass at 3.45pm

Video 1

Video 2
Festa Feri (Fair)

Se Cathedral, Church of St. Francis of Assisi

Feri, fair
Wax items body parts angovnn

Khajem, dos, Kadio bodio etc

Chonne grams attonne

Fest Cheurisam

Francis de Tuem - GST