Saturday, January 6, 2018

3 Kings Feast, Cuelim Cansaulim 2018

The feast of Three Kings celebrated on 6th January every year
6.1.2018 atop Cuelim hillock
Cansaulim, Arossim, Cuelim (CAC)

Epiphany is commonly known as Three Kings' Day or the Feast of the Epiphany
The biblical Magi also referred to as the (Three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings

Three Kings journey (Descending)  started around 12.30, at the foothill it was 12.45 and after making / halting at 7 traditional station, the king arrived at Cansaulim Church at around 2pm.
From here they will go different way following their traditional path or route back home.
The Arossim king must have reached home around 3pm after stopping in between.
Cuelim king being  2.15 and Cansaulim king 2.30

Video: Walking with the kings
Kings journey back home
This Video dedicated to all Cansaulekars, Cuelekars, Arxekars and Velsaokar.
Three Kings Feast 6.1.18.
The chapel, fields, Verna Rly Station, Crowning, flag waving at the church, Laudate, underconstruction PHC Hospital, Cansaulim Market etc.
Brass band playing about 25 different numbers/ songs

 Happy feast

Total Pics 113, some links provided below

The kings
Boys of age 7 -12 (wearing wigs)
Station 1
Their crowns are taken off to touch other people's heads or to quickly crown others (A tradition)
They are holding a cross gold chained around their necks. 
Many kiss the cross and some even pass underneath them ( under Horses) which is again a tradition.
This year, the 3 kings are Master Shaun Jonathan D'Souza,  Kelton Antao and Carl Soares

Crowns they are wearing are very expensive.  In  mid 1970s it was costing around Rs.300

The hilltop Chapel view from the fields below, Xendo
Passing through the fields with colourful flags and umbrellas.
Sotrio ani bonderam
Flag. Bonder

After coming down from the horses, the kings are resting for sometime at Station 7 , Barca.
Horses are also given water etc
Shaun Jonathan D'Souza,  Kelton Antao and Carl Soares
In front of Cansaulim Church (St. Thomas)
Last station with all 3 kings.
Sotrio ani Bonderam

Brass band, Muzg
 playing about 25 different numbers/ songs -Re. video

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