Friday, February 9, 2018

Dudhsagar waterfall, Goa

I always wanted visit Dudhsagar (Milk Sea) but never made it except this time which was purely unplanned (We came here, Collem, for some other reason)

Collem is  about 75 KMs from Panaji and takes about 1hr 20min to reach by car via Ponda.
We left Panaji at 07:30 and arrived at Collem Dudhsagar Ticket booking office at 08:50hrs.
Again, we left at 16:00hrs and back at Panaji at 17:20hrs.

Like some places have share a taxi, here we have share a jeep, 7 passengers per jeep.
Fare is Rs. 400 per person, plus Compulsory renting / hiring of life jackets Rs.30 and Forest Department entry ticket Rs.50 per person (Still camera, Video camera etc extra - see tariff board pic).
So, it Rs.480 per person.

Video:  4.9.2019
Dudhsagar by Train, September 2019
Vasco - Belgaum train


Train to Dudhsagar

Vasco Belgaum Train Timing changed eff. 13.9.19
Train will leave Vasco da Gama FRI/SAT 06:05 and arrives Belgaum at 11:20
From Belgaum it will leave 12:30 and arrive Vasco at 18:20
Stopping at Dudhsagar 5 minutes arrives 08:15 from Vasco and 15:15 from Belgaum FRI/SAT

Train will also stop at Dabolim, Cansaulim, Margao, Chandor, Sanvordem, Kulem, Dudhsagar, Castle rock . Tinaighat, Londa, Gunji, Khanapur, Desur abd Belagavi (Belgaum)
This train was inaugurated on 4th Sept 2019 and is for trial run for 3 months till December 7

Video: by Road, September 2018

Another short video 2 mins
Dudhsagar Trains

There are about 431 jeeps but recently the Forest Dept put some restrictions limiting number of jeeps plying to Dudhsager to 225 per day.  This could also mean all may not may not get tickets.
It is advisable to visit Wednesday/Thursday where the rush is comparatively low (acc to our  jeep driver advice). CM Parrikar recently said that ticket booking would be done online only so that only those with tickets can come (as sometimes tourists go back without visiting the waterfall due to non availability of tickets)

We were lucky, we got tickets,  I was in the Q for about 15 mins at around  12:10.  After buying ticket, you go to another counter for life-jackets. Our Jeep left around  12:20 and soon after crossing the stream (River) we reach at Forest Gate at 12.25 where we paid for the entry ticket 50 and camera Rs.30 (video camera 150), our driver did the job of buying tickets for us etc.
Although we paid cash at 3 different counters i.e. per head  Rs. 400 +30+50 none gave us a receipt.

The distance from Collem to the Dudhsagar fall is about 12 kms through bumpy road (full of potholes throughout) and our jeep was like ship sailing in the rough sea (Ride may not be suitable for older people).  The ride takes about 45 minutes each way at about 20km/h speed limit.
We arrived at 13.07 from where there is about 10 minutes Sloppy/rocky walk  to the base of the waterfall.

You are given 1.5hrs time to spend or  return back to the jeep, our time was 14:40.
Walking though the streams (temporary bridges) and rocks, again may not be suitable for older people.

One can see the waterfall from 4 different locations viz 1. 5 minutes before arrival (from your  jeep window, pic), 2.  at the arrival point by going up on the watch tower (pic), 3  while walking to the main/base and 4 is the base  where one can view it completely  from top (peak) to the base where many seen bathing within the bathing zone. Drishti Lifeguards also spotted.
Also spotted many monkeys (Hetim) where they even come close to you and may even steal or run away with your bags.

We also spotted people on the top (peak) I guess it falls in the State of Karnataka (Castlerock?) see pic

We were also lucky to have a beautiful view of a passing train, see pics and another train with 3-4 engines only.

We were back at Collem around 15.15 where we had our lunch Fish curry rice thali Rs.70 only cheap and good. See pics 

Collem or Kulem Rly station (SWR) is about 15 minutes walk via platform footbridge see pics and time table.  Sadly, not many trains stop there

We are told, during monsoon, there are motor-bike pilots available to take you to the Dudhsagar fall via Railway tracks charging Rs.1000 per head.

Jeeps or any vehicles do not ply during monsoon say June to Sept/Oct.

We left Collem at 16:00hrs and reached Panaji KTC 17:20hr.

Booking office, counter, jeeps parking etc
You are not actually allowed to approach the counter, some one else  collects the money and does the job for you at the counter (the man seen in the pic, right) who also allocates jeep/driver  to a batch of 7 passengers at a time.

Journey through forest..and waters

Parking area
Watch tower

a temple

At Forest gate

Walking path
View 1
Through jeep window , about 5 minutes before arriving..
View 2
From the watch tower, upon arrival
View 3
within 10 minutes of walking

View 4 - Base

Train view
Engines trains
Top views, peak

Fish curry rice thali  at 'waterfall family restaurant' Collem
Kulem Railways station

Videos coming soon...

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